Bella Vista Church of Christ




Better Understanding Jesus


 There was an attempt on President Harry S. Truman's life, and a Presidential Guard was killed in the attempt. Mr. Truman stated: "You can't understand how one feels when somebody else dies for you."


 Thinking of the cross, we may casually utter, "He died for me." Do we see Jesus dying for the world, the whole human race more than we see Him dying for me in particular? The old song, "Were You There?" raises some sobering questions: Did we see Him pray in the Garden sweating drops of blood? Suffer the heartbreak of Peter's denial? Undergo the unfair trials? Feel the scourger's whip? See His stumbling walk to Golgotha? Feel the pain of the nails? Sense the agony of death by crucifixion?


  When we're gripped by the thought of Him dying for us, the remainder of life should take on a new and different meaning, daily. Amen!