Delmer Owens
1916 - 1974


The word enthusiasm is composed of two Greek words which, when combined, mean: God in us. If God is in us, we will be enthusiastic concerning our work for the Lord. How we can spread enthusiasm?

Encourage People. Discouragement is one of the most effective tools which the devil employs.

Speak In A Positive Spirit. We need to keep on saying: The church here is on the move. The people are dedicated. The church is composed of some of the finest people on earth.

Think In Terms Of The Future. Did you ever try driving forward while looking in the rear view mirror? The same type of driving will spread disaster in the church.

Be A Builder. We are to follow after those things which edify one another.
Do not keep the alabaster box of your enthusiasm sealed until your opportunities are dead. Let its aroma fill the whole earth.

It is enthusiasts who do the best work in the world and in the church!!

óDelmer Owens

Written By

Bella Vista Church of Christ


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