Reflect for a few minutes

Reflect For A Few Minutes
Harold Driskell

Reflect for a few minutes

The next time you’er feeling stress because of a problem, go out and find yourself a big oak tree and sit down under its branches. Reflect for a few minutes how God makes trees, that it takes half a century for an oak to get this large. Think of all the storms it has survived, not to mention bugs and pests. The oak didn’t turn in the towel the first time things got a little rough, like the time a couple of sweethearts carved their initials on its trunk.

As you consider your own situation, ask yourself, how will I feel about this tomorrow. Or if that’s not enough, try a year or ten years from now. The thing that seem so upsetting today may appear to be inconsequential or at least less troublesome when you put them into the prespective of your whole life. You’ve probably already survived aome difficult times. When you remember how you’ve survived and even grown in the face of difficulties, today’s problems won’t seem so frightening. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll look back and laugh at how big all this seemed at the time. Remember, God is always looking over us. Put your faith and trust in Him.

        >From the people of the Four Seasons Church of Christ....
P.S. I will be out of town for the next two weeks. Thought’s will continue when I return.
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