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What Now?

What now? 

Do you remember the most impactful day of your life? For some it may have been a wedding day, the day your first child was born, the loss of a spouse or other close loved one. We've all had days that left us thinking we would never experience anything like that again and often when we do we find ourselves waking up the following morning with the same question... "What now?" 
I imagine that the apostles had a similar feeling the Monday following the resurrection. They had just seen the last thing the ever expected to see again, their Savior... alive. I'm sure there was an exorbitant amount of celebrating that Sunday afternoon as they tried to convince themselves of the reality of what they had seen. By the time they woke up Monday morning I wonder what they were thinking. Had the excitement worn off any? Were they still questioning if what they had seen was real? Was there a feast to celebrate? Did they sit in silence too stunned to know what to do next? 

I don't know what the apostles did that Monday but I doubt that they went back to work as though it was another ordinary Monday. What about you and me? Are we back at work as though today is just another ordinary Monday? The resurrection didn't happen yesterday so why shouldn't it be any other normal day? The resurrection may not have happened yesterday but its relevance in our lives hasn't changed one bit. 

We may not have had the opportunity to see the risen Savior that Sunday and put our hand in his hands and hip as the apostles did but it is just as worthy of our celebration today as it was 2000 years ago. Yesterday may have been a moment where we celebrated with family, had an egg hunt, or had a big lunch with several of our loved ones but the resurrection is worthy of our celebration each and every day. There is no such thing as another ordinary Monday. Every single day is a new opportunity to celebrate, reflect on, and share the story of the good news of the resurrection of our Messiah. When you and I woke up this morning and possibly asked ourselves the question "what now?" our response today, tomorrow, and forevermore should be to live with greater conviction for our Lord because we believe that he was raised from the dead. And that conviction changes everything

For some people their "what now" is to live with greater purpose knowing what God through Christ did for them. Others may find a new zeal and passion for sharing that story with others, too excited to keep quiet as the meaning of it all takes greater hold. Still there are those who may find it easier today to sit and reflect on His word. There are any number of changes that may be taking place within us today and everyday. What is changing for you? What are you going to do about this good news? 

Written By

Parker Willis


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